Dial Avast Contact Number to transfer Avast Subscription to another PC!

Avast has provided the range of products to protect our devices and systems. It gives us real-time protection and detects the viruses online through real-time scanning. But various times it so happens that customers click on some external links and the virus penetrates into the secured systems of the users and starts to corrupt their important files and data which is really a dangerous situation. But various times the users think that transferring the license to their other system which does not has the Avast antivirus will work and will troubleshoot the virus issues which have been occurred. So the best option is to transfer the subscription to another PC.  So if you also want to transfer it easily then you first have to uninstall the antivirus from the previous Pc and then you have to remove the PC from the account of the antivirus and then you have to install the antivirus again on the new pc then activate your existing subscription in the new pc but if you want to cancel the automatic renewal of your Avast subscription on Mac and you are facing issues in doing so then you should get in touch with the experts through Avast Support Number otherwise follow the steps to do it easily.

Steps to follow to transfer the subscription of your Avast:
• Restart your PC from which you have to uninstall the antivirus and then you have to uninstall the antivirus from the PC. 
• To do so, start the windows with administrator’s privileges and then go to start button and then to “control panel” and then go to the “apps and settings” then from  the drop-down menu you have to right-click on the antivirus and then select “uninstall”.
• A prompt will appear and then at last click on “yes”.
• Then go to the official website and sign in to your account with correct credentials.
• Then select “devices” and click on the device which you were using before.
• Then select “settings” and click on “delete from account” and then click on “ok”.
• Then you have to install the application on the new pc and activate the application.
• If you face any issue while signing in to your account then call to Avast Phone Number instantly.
Contact Avast Customer Service team for instant aid.
If there is any issue regarding the transferring of subscription which you are not able to handle then you should get in touch with the experts through Avast Customer Service number +1-800-392-9127 toll-free.


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