Having problems with the first-time scanner set up on HP printer?

If users are having problems in setting up the scanner first time in the HP printer then users must be using the HP multi tasked printer which has the built-in scanner. It is a bit difficult task as the scanner is built-in and we have to set the settings of the scanner according to our need. But users many times get various issues while customizing the settings for the first time. There are certain things which are must to do while setting up the scanner first time in the multi function HP printer. It can also happen that users have set up the settings but the scanner is unable to scan and showing connectivity issues which are generally common if users do not follow the steps properly and customize the settings. If users want to Unlock the password  or want to reset it then deal with this problem quickly as humanly possible then they should contact technical experts through HP printer helpline number or they can also follow the steps provided below.

To do list to follow to set up the scanner in HP printer first time provided by hp support team:

Go to the official website of HP and install the compatible scanner driver in your computer by entering your correct printer model.
Click on the download button after selecting the correct driver.
Follow the instruction wizard to correctly install the driver scan on your system.
Now the wizard will say to select the software which is to be installed.
Then select software which is recommended by the system which also includes HP Scan.
Now place your document which is to be scanned properly and close the scanner lid.
Select your computer name and scan type.
When it is completed go back to the computer the scan will be automatically saved.
If users are not able to find the scanned document on their computer then they should contact HP support number 1-800-392-9127 of experts help.
Open the HP scan to see your scanned items.

Buzz to experts through HP support  number for any help.

If users are still having this problem and are not able to set up the scanner first time then users should contact technical experts to resolve their issues through HP support number 1-800-392-9127 toll-free anytime from anywhere.


  1. How To Connect HP Printer To Wi-Fi
    IF you want to connect your hp printer to wifi first of all you need to open your wifi setting and search for HP Printer Network When you find HP Printer . Just Click on it and Connect to wifi. If you could not find you HP Printer Restart you HP Printer and PC then repeat this process again. If you still unable to do this then dial our hp printer toll free number 1800-436-0509 and visit our website:- https://www.printertollfreenumber.com/hp-printer-support


  2. If you have selected an HP printer for printing, the printer may HP printer printing slow. The user should note that printing in normal mode or draft mode increases the printing speed. The more ink the printer consumes, the slower it prints.
    How To Increase Print Speed
    1.Check the Connection.HP Print Printing so slowly is incredibly efficient, helping a larger number of users benefit from the technology.
    2.Reduce Print Quality.
    3.Increase the RAM.
    4.Reduce the Number of Pages.


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