Want to Extend the subscription of Bitdefender antivirus 2017?

Bitdefender provides the complete security to the computers and laptops of the users from online threats and virus attacks. It is necessary to renew the services of the Bitdefender so that it can work continuously without hampering its work. Actually, it is necessary to have a renewed license to extend the subscription of the Bitdefender and without it, the Bitdefender would not work. Bitdefender comes with a license key to successfully install the antivirus but when this license is about to expire then users need to, immediately renew the license key to extend the subscription of the antivirus so that Bitdefender does not stop working. If users want to extend the subscription without any errors and issues then they can contact experts through Bitdefender technical support number 1-800-392-9127 toll-free otherwise they can follow the below steps to manually extend it.

Steps to follow to manually extend the subscription provided by Bitdefender support team:

  • The foremost thing users need to do is restart their computer and start their windows in normal mode so that it does not create any compatibility issue.
  • After that launch the antivirus and open the Bitdefender window.
  • At the bottom users will be able to see the countdown which shows how many days are left for the license key.
  • Now at the bottom itself, there will be a link saying “Don't have a license key Buy one now!”
  • Now, this link will redirect users to a browser page which will be the official site for users can buy the license key.If users have any issues while buying the license then contact Bitdefender support team.
  • After this, the user will now have to register the antivirus with the new license key.
  • To do so, users now have to go to the Bitdefender window then click on “license info” and there a registration wizard will appear.
  • Now enter the license key and click on “register now” and wait for the registration to complete and after that, it is done.  

Freely dial Bitdefender customer support number toll-free.

If you are still facing problems in extending the subscription and are not able to renew it even after following the steps then contact Bitdefender experts through Bitdefender customer support number 1-800-392-9127 toll-free as our experts are available 24X7.


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